Top 5 Best Funny Horror Web Series Like Reality Z In 2024

Top 5 Best Funny Horror Web Series Like Reality Z In 2024

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Avinash

Funny Horror Web Series – Reality Z is one of the most current increments to the blood, carnage, and ghastliness club. The mysterious pandemic that transforms a large portion of Rio de Janeiro’s population into zombies is the subject of the web series.

The contestants of the popular reality show Olympus in Brazil are cut off from the rest of the world, blissfully unaware of the undead army’s mass destruction. However, this quiet obliviousness doesn’t keep going long, as the studio before long turns into a front line where the residing battle against the carnivores for endurance. The absolute most interesting horror web series like Reality Z are:

Top 5 Best Funny Horror Web Series Like Reality Z In 2024:

1. Z-Nation:

Z-Nation takes us through the duration of the last overcomer of the zombie end times. They are compelled to disregard their disparities and live respectively in the quest for a shared objective: survival.

The characters are a little gathering of people who should endure giving another importance to the word codependency. Some are crushed, some are furious, and some are excessively terrified. Yet, they all stay together and best of all, they are entirely interesting. They are not superheroes, but standard people compelled to confront what is happening.

This series is about the importance of human sympathy and ineptitude. Looking at the results of cherishing and loathing in a world covered in murkiness and bitterness.

2. iZombie:

You are known all about zombies, thoughtless rapacious machines that annihilate everything in their way. Indeed, iZombie adopts a new and comedic strategy to the class with an eccentric hero who is a zombie.

iZombie is a heavenly procedural wrongdoing show. The story of Liv Moore, who gets the zombie virus and becomes a zombie after attending a party on a yacht, is told through the web series.

We quickly discover that infected zombies remain relatively normal if their brains can be eaten, despite having skin that is cold and pale and hair that is snow-white. Liv’s life-altering events are when she is compelled to change vocations, from being a specialist to working in a funeral home. This is to take the cerebrums of people who are now dead.

3. Black Summer:

As we probably are aware from films and TV series, zombies are sluggish animals. This insight changes with the series considering the Z Country universe.

Black Summer is based on one of the worst waves of zombie attacks and takes place at the beginning of the global zombie apocalypse. This series recounts the narrative of Rose, a lady who is alienated from her girl Anna, and will take a chance with all that to find her girl. with little things

These zombies are extraordinarily quick and hazardous, which adds to the energy of the show. They assume for them and are strong to such an extent that practically the whole episode is about a person taking off from a zombie. The destruction they unleash is to such an extent that assuming one person in the group bites the dust, the whole assembly can right away turn into a multitude of the undead.

Unlike other web series, a quick-moving activity show centers around activity instead of person dramatization. Dark Summer isn’t tied in with building connections or making a superior future. Even if only for a few hours, survival is important.

4. Glitch:

The web series is set in the imaginary provincial town of Yorana, Victoria. There, seven people endure demise in wonderful health, yet without memory. There are a few inquiries regarding the unexpected resurgence. No one in the city has any idea why. What prompted their return? Can they die once more? Are these people truly human? Added to these intricate issues is the need to oblige new turns of events and leave space for new options.

Between all of this, there is a love triangle. Sergeant James Hayes’ important mother passed on from bosom malignant growth. She grieved the misfortune at the end of the day continued. The issue starts quite a long while after her shocking demise when James remarries a pregnant Sarah. All that dependability and pleasantness is tossed through the window when his ex gets back from the dead.

The disarray starts when the restored characters die at various times. Not a solitary one of them recollects what their identity is, except for Kate. However, as the series advances, each character witnesses her past.

5. Freakish:

Getting through secondary school is difficult, yet it’s multiple times harder when you need to manage change, tissue-eating zombies who were your school companions before they died.

As students in a Kent Secondary School class accumulate after school considering multiple factors, an unexpected blast happens at a nearby compound plant, sending shockwaves all through the city. Poisonous green and yellow gas forms because of the explosion and quickly begins to spread throughout the town.

The terrified students, despite being told not to leave, leave the safety of the building and immediately enter the chaos to find their families. They generally live around the processing plant or work on the production line.

A few students noticed the admonition and remained at school, yet, sadly, their colleagues who got away turned out to be genuinely sick and at last passed on, returning as zombies.

Presently, to get by these youngsters should overlook each other’s disparities, figure out how to be mutually dependent, manage fancy and suspicion, and transform their school incorporating into a fort.


Gore, murders, decapitations, battles for endurance, and transformation to another ordinary are the key mainstays of a zombie series. In any case, over the long haul, makers of zombie-based series have adopted new and novel strategies. However, we can all concur that the energy for undead stories has never melted away.


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