How to Reset and Delete a Locked iPhone Without Interfacing with the Computer?

How to Reset and Delete a Locked iPhone Without Interfacing with the Computer

Last Updated on February 18, 2024 by Avinash

Cell phones should have some security. That is the reason the vast majority have a lock system on their telephones of some type. Could it be said that you fear failing to remember the secret key you set on your cell phone?

It tends to be hard to recall important data, like passwords. Resetting or getting the gadget to work again can be a problem.

Apple stepped in and gave a simple arrangement that didn’t expect you to associate your iPhone to your Mac or Computer first.

New Element:

If you forget your password and don’t enter it too often, your iPhone will be locked. You can have another person reset it for you, or you can associate your telephone to your Mac or Computer. This can be a genuine bummer, particularly if you’re not educated.

iOS 15.2 has been delivered with helpful highlights like Digital Legacy, App Privacy Report, and then some. Best spot? Best spot? Presently you can hard reset your iPhone without interfacing it with your Mac or COMPUTER.

In those days, resetting an iPhone was troublesome. You want to place your iPhone into DFU recuperation mode and afterward re-establish it involving iTunes or Finder in Windows.

This new component permits you to delete your iPhone by tapping the button in the base right corner. This element is likewise accessible on iPad and iPod contact.

It tends to be abused. It isn’t…

If somebody could utilize this component to open your telephone, you don’t have to particularly stress overtaken telephones. Your iPhone should be associated with the Internet or versatile information to restart.

You additionally need the very Apple ID that you utilized for arrangement. It isn’t difficult to Steal an iPhone.

Open a locked iPhone without a computer or Mac:

To reset or delete a locked iPhone, simply follow a couple of steps. I don’t need your iPhone information cleaned, so I give screen captures taken from Apple’s true help site. Possibly continue if you are certain you need to lock your iPhone.

  1. Enter an irregular password a few times on your iPhone until you see the “Security Lock” screen. Change or recall your secret phrase quickly. You can begin the delete cycle during this time.
  2. Tap the “Eradicate iPhone” button at the base right. Contact the button again to affirm.
  3. To sign out, utilize the Apple ID secret phrase connected to the record you made to open your iPhone.
  4. Tap the Erase iPhone button to eradicate all information and settings. Then it will naturally reboot as new. Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to set up your iPhone from the get-go.

Assuming you have cloud backup, fortune has smiled on you.

If you are a careful backup devotee like me, you can reestablish your backup. If you haven’t supported your iPhone, this guide will show you how.


Getting kept out of your iPhone is endlessly disappointing. Failing to remember your secret word will feel like a potato.

That is the reason we’re so glad to at last have this component that gives an additional way in the event of sad circumstances like this.


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