JioCinema, owned by Reliance, has received negative feedback for two straight IPL 2023 matches due to technical difficulties.

Users have grumbled that despite the customary excitement surrounding the start of the Indian Premier League,

Reliance's OTT platform JioCinema has not yet been able to stream the matches without a hitch.

For the second day in a row, ioCinema has been criticised on social media after ..

viewers said the English commentary frequently stopped receiving an audio stream.

After receiving criticism for app crashes and slowness during the season's opening match

between the Gujarat Titans and the Chennai Super Kings, the buffering problem reportedly reappeared.

After three years of having to limit the number of people who could attend games due to Covid restrictions

the IPL has finally allowed fans back into the stadiums to witness the action. More than just a competition between teams, 

this year's IPL is a test of whether Indians would rather follow the games on traditional television or via digital apps.